Alpha Architecture was established in 1982, under the direction of G. Alexandrakis (Architect – Engineer, National Technical University of Athens, 1977).

The work of Alpha Architecture focuses on the comprehensive design of residences, housing complexes, and tourist establishments.

In its present form, Alpha Architecture is supported by a strong team of civil and mechanical engineers who provide a high level of design in combination with the use of specialized technological applications.

Α. Designing Principles

– We design buildings that are environmentally friendly, using the environment as an ally in our constructions.

– We examine each building morphologically and functionally while taking into account each client is particular needs to meet expecations and earn respect and consideration.

– We consider the surrounding (grounds) area to be an integral part of each building and we equally combine the design of the surrounding area and the building itself.

– We strongly believe in the modernism architectural influences, while at the same time we strive to blend into our buildings elements of Greek Civilization patrimony and to avoid ephemeral and circumstantial trends.

– We research the use of new materials while at the same time we incorporate traditional materials structure with a modern outlook.

We incorporate state-of-art technologies to improve the microclimate of each building in conjunction with the best possible energy economy.

– Buildings’ costs are closely monitored during each stage of the construction process while alternative solutions to remain within budget are suggested.

–  In order to secure top quality construction, we insist on strictly observing the building code in accordance with art, science and personal experience.

 Β. Interior Design

– We design the shape interiors with designs that craft expected the atmosphere.

– Our portfolio includes designing interiors of large and smaller size Hotels, Private Residences and Villas.

– We design and oversee the construction of original furniture and decorative objects to create the unique identity of each interior, while at the same time ensuring customers’ personal wishes and satisfaction.

 C. Services

– Carrying out the planning required to execute a project (preliminary design, final design, and implementation of design)

–  Acquisition of necessary approval required for building licenses by local town building authority.

– Supervision of each stage of the construction process.

– Organization and supervision of the building site, procurement of material and measurements application.

– Planning of building interiors and supervision until the completion of the project.

– Planning and supervision of either smaller or large scale landscaping of the surrounding grounds.

– Designing of furniture, lighting and other.

– Advice on matters concerning tourist establishments and investments.